Bronze~2013 National Wine Awards

Made with 100% Certified Organic Similkameen Plums

This wine mimics a Spanish Rose with aromas and flavors of Strawberry Candy on the front of the palate and a bold crisp finish of Grapefruit and Cranberry. It is made with a blend of 5 Varieties of Organic Similkameen Plums (Duarte, Santa Rosa, Red Heart, Catalina, Simka)  The palate is beautifully balanced between the residual sugar and the big bold acidity.


Serving Temperature: 4-6 Degrees Celsius

Vintage: 2012

Residual Sugar: 10.2 g/l

TA: 10.2g/l

Alcohol: 12%

Case Production: 250 cases


Sushi, the residual sugar plays off the heat, and the acidity cuts through the richness of the fish.

Wine Makers Notes

This Wine has been a huge hit since day 1!  The uniqueness of this wine, with it’s huge acidity and residual sugar appeals to all palates whether as a patio drink or with food!  It is hands down our best seller, selling out every year!