Our Story

Why Fruit Wines?  Why not?  Our mandate here on our multi generational farm is sustainability!  We have a 30 acre Organic farm in which we produce ground crops and tree fruits, a farmgate market in which we sell our produce, a wholesale and packing entity in which we broker for 15 Organic Growers in the Valley, a Restaurant program that services 15 Restaurants from Osoyoos to Kelowna and an Award Winning fruit winery that utilizes the beautiful organic fruit of the Similkameen!

Our Roots

The Harker (nee Manery) family settled in the Similkameen Valley in 1888, just 17 years after British Columbia became Canada’s 6th Province. The farm that the winery is currently situated on has been in the family for 5 generations, (raising the 6th) and has hosted a variety of different enterprises ranging from a Dairy, Cattle Rearing, Farming and now a Winery.

Our Logo

The Rustic Roots Logo depicts a Snow Apple or Fameuse tree that was planted in 1916 by the 2nd Generation.  This tree still stands on the farm today and is the top portion of our logo, the bottom piece represents the 6 roots or generations that have been involved.

Generation #2-Samuel ManeryGeneration #2-Samuel Manery and Allison Family

Generation #2-Mabel Manery #3-Marjorie Harker #4-Rick, Randy, Bruce, Debbie and Gerri Harker

Generation #3-Kenneth Harker

Generation #3-Kenneth Harker working at the Richter Ranch

Generation #4-Bruce Harker

Generation #4-Bruce and Kathy Harker

Generation #5-Jason Harker

Generation #5-Tyla Harker

Generation #5-Troy Harker

Generation #5-Alysha Harker

Generation #5- Sara Harker

David Harker